.NU and .NZ TLDs now available for registration!

.nu, .nz tldsAs you may have noticed, in the last few weeks we have had several new TLDs introductions to the remarkably big list of available domain extensions - .MOBI, .WS, .NL, .BE, .IT and .AT. And today, I’m glad to announce the newly introduced pair of TLDs – .NU, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ and .CO.NZ! These domains are already available on the order forms in your Control Panel and on our website.

The .NU TLD has been rapidly gaining popularity among Internet users for the last few years. Originally designed as the ccTLD for the island country of Niue, it very quickly became widely spread due to its phonetic similarity with the English word “new”. It is also very similar to the Skandinavian equivalent of “now”.

The .NU TLD can be registered for no less than 2 years and for no more than 10 years. It cannot be transferred and is not applicable to the Whois Protection service.

The .NZ TLD is the ccTLD for New Zealand. Unlike many other Country Code TLDs, there are no residency restrictions for .NZ and it can be registered by anyone in the world.

Domain names with the .NZ TLD exension can be registered for only 1-year periods, and do not support transfer or Whois Protection.

We have also prepared several other TLDs to be released in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned and don’t forget to check our Blog for the latest from fayax Hosting!


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